It all began in 2014 when we wanted to establish a leading creative and marketing agency that will set new standards in the field of Influencer Marketing, Celebrity and PR management and Concept Development. 


At Madeed, we value cutting-edge creativity and curiosity. With these two qualities along with a free-spirited fearlessness, we were able to engrave in minds of many our innovative campaigns and patriotic projects that have provoked their excitement and initiated an inevitable trend in the world of events.


Its a no surprise that none of what we have accomplished is possible without a team of young value-driven locals with backgrounds ranging from Economics, Marketing, Engineering, and Finance. 


Despite our diversity, we share the same promise in providing

the best experience for our clients through our creative services.

We care to provide our services, with a win-win mindset, and to support our clients with an added value that helps them achieve their objectives, through 

influencer marketing, PR management, or project development solutions. 

It is our duty to wake up every day with a vision to help the country become a better place, by empowering our clients to do better marketing activities, which have direct impact on the end customer: us and you!



Years Of Operations


Clients In 4 Years


GCC Campaigns


Patriotic Events 

Developed and Executed

We help clients reach their audience with ideas designed to achieve results

Brand Endorsments

Social Media



Our role is not to push or sell a specific influencer name, rather than find the perfect fit for the brands' needs and objectives. We do that by cooking a full strategy that is customized by each campaign.

Visits and Openings

Manage the process of working with influencers from A to Z.

Personal Development Programs

Social Media Accounts Management

We create value in the celebrity’s name and brand; in and out of their field of business, and maximize his/her brand value for the long-term..

Handling All Business Communication

Consultancy On All Media Appearances

Celebrity PR Management
Provide personal PR management to high-profile celebrities.

Sponsorship Execution Management

We offer sponsorship services to brands and properties to ensure sponsorship activities yield maximum results using a unique in-house developed matchmaking software.

Sponsorship Plan And Strategy Development

Properties Assessment

Sponsorship Consultancy
Provide sponsorship solutions to brands and properties (projects looking for sponsorships), in the GCC.

Our goal is to support certain sectors in the country by coming up with new conceptual creative projects.

Our long-term aim is to ensure the success and multiply the impact of these projects starting from executing it until selling the concept.

Project Development
Where new patriotic concepts lead to impact and success

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and we can discuss what we can do for you. 

Our network includes influencers of the most diverse fields, here are some of our significant influencers. 



Because we understand the value of communication, we give one-on-one attention. We believe that any business relationship is seen as a dynamic exchange- which means professionalism, commitment, and cooperation.

A culture of innovation in which we strive to achieve new and inventive marketing solutions to help our clients grow and glow.


We have over 6 years of experience in the field of marketing which enables our dedicated team of professionals to handle any project professionally.


The biggest

barriers to working with influencers revolve around choosing WHO and HOW to engage. 


Influencer Marketing
Celebrity PR Management

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Saudi Arabia, Jeddah - Riyadh

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