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It all began in 2014 when we wanted to establish a leading creative and marketing agency that will set new standards in the field of Influencer Marketing, Celebrity PR management, Sponsorship Consultancy and Concept Development. As diligence is essential to the success of any business/corporate and government entity marketing endeavors, it was our role to support and provide you with creative, cost effectives marketing solutions that will fuel the entity's growth which took place by forming three different brands.

Looking at 2020, building an experience of more than 6 years made us more attentive of how to observe and analyze the development rate of the digital and social media marketing field and any field related locally and internationally. thus we decided to direct our focus and development resources towards influencers marketing only.





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Sharing with you some of our latest projects 

Social Media Endorsement

A partnership that started back in 2017, when we focused on creating a huge promoting plan through the endorsement of the influencers on various social media platforms achieving more than 300 Million views across the Middle East.
Saudi Seasons | Jeddah Season
Social Media Endorsement & On-ground Activations

Jeddah Season aimed to position the city in the global community as the capital of tourism and entertainment in the Kingdom. From June 8 to July 18 2019, it was all about finding yourself spoilt for choice with entertainment, leisure and thrills of activities entailing music, art, culture and sports! With 135 coverages, 97 local, regional and international influencers and an estimated total of 125 Million views on social media.
Captain Yasser AlQahtani's Retirement Event
Created and managed the retirement event of Captain Yasser AlQahtani in 2019
SMEF 2017 | Jeddah & Riyadh
In-house Project Development

A forum that gathered more than 420 small and medium enterprises from 7 cities under one roof to network and explore potential business opportunities, held at MBSC- KAEC and AlFaisal University.
One Billion Step Challenge
Social Media Endorsement & On-ground Activations

To initiate a Billion Step Challenge that focused on an ambitious goal which is triggering a holistic health change across the the Kingdom by having 2 Saudi influential Ambassadors to promote the importance of integrating physical activity in the lifestyle of citizens with breaking a record of 6.6 billion step with an estimated 2.25 Million views on social media.
تحديات العزلة
Co-created an initiative to help keep people busy during COVID-19 quarantine time.
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 We value cutting-edge creativity and curiosity. Thus we were determined on setting a new standard in handling and reaching out to local, regional and international influencers, working with brands on creating strategies and execution plans based on their digital marketing needs and developing an in-house dashboard that will take you to the next level of how to keep track of all your influencers activations.





If you are striving for a workplace that is inclusive, reflects continuous improvement and fosters a culture where innovation, fun, flexibility, fast-paced and teamwork, then Madeed would be the right place for you.

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Captain Yasser AlQahtani's Retirement Event

Created and managed the retirement event of Captain Yasser AlQahtani in 2019